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The eagerly-anticipated launch of Jamonprive.com is closer and closer to reality, and at the end of March we will open our doors to welcome lovers of Iberian ham. Alongside this event we will be offering a few surprises, including new suppliers and i

The anticipation surrounding the launch of Jamonprive.com has created a buzz on social networking sites and cross the blogs and websites in Spain that are dedicated to gastronomy and to Iberian and gourmet products.

Our acorn-fed Iberian ham and our Iberian chorizo and salchichon have been sampled by some of the most demanding palates in Spain, and these exacting connoisseurs have given their approval to what they're already calling some of the finest quality ham products on the market. Wine lovers have also recommended Jamonprive.com's products and offered suggestions on the most suitable wines to go with our ham, salchichon and chorizo.

We've been encouraged by all this positive feedback! Watching what people are saying on social networks and listening to the comments of gourmets and connoisseurs, Jamonprive.com's management has taken to heart all the positive things we're hearing and expanded our range. We'll be offering some of the most prestigious Spanish ham products on the market, like 5J's classic Iberian ham, as well as adding some hams of different qualities and degrees of curing and maturity, all at very competitive prices.

Indeed, Jamonprive has heard our customers loud and clear, and we're responding, reserving a space on our platform for other internationally recognized Spanish gourmet produce, like olive oils from the best Spanish olives as well as a variety of cheeses. We'll be looking at covering all the bases of classic premium Spanish cuisine, bringing more than just ham to the world! Our goal is to help promote and distribute these delicacies so that all Spanish and European households can share in Spain's cultural heritage; the next phase will be to roll out Jamonprive.com worldwide.

At Jamonprive we're committed to safety, and to the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're getting products of the highest quality, tested for safety, praised around the world and at competitive prices. Our first guarantee of success is our innovative business model, based on the latest online marketing strategies and utilizing our revolutionary drop-shipping system, where merchandise is shipped directly from the producer to the customer's home without passing through a distribution centre. With all this going for us, Jamonprive.com expects to become first Europe's, and then the world's, go-to portal for Iberian ham.

We're almost ready to launch. There's only a few weeks left to go before you can enjoy the best Iberian products without having to leave your home, let alone face the steep climb up to the mountain pastures where our suppliers' pigs graze the way they have done for generations. Until then,

Practically everything is ready and only a few weeks left so we can enjoy the best Iberian products without leaving home. Until then we can go about doing mouth www.jamonprive.com seeing their products. Until then, why not whet your appetite by checking out Jamonprive.com's newly-expanded product list at the website?

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