It's CleanEdison, Not Con Edison

CleanEdison officially affirms its independence as a clean energy training provider, dispelling the common assumption that the company is associated with Con Edison, which has received a lot of negative attention in light of recent events.

Working at CleanEdison, in New York, we often hear the question, "Is that part of Con Edison?" While it would be nice to claim affiliation with a company that has a market capitalization of $16 billion (at the time of writing), the answer is "no". We do not factor into the consolidation of Consolidated Edison, Inc.

After a gas explosion claimed the lives of eight people and injured several others in East Harlem last week, Con Edison came under much scrutiny regarding the thoroughness of their systems and their response to the reported gas leak. Injured parties have since filed suit against the company, alleging that Con Ed had previous knowledge of a "defective condition" in the building. This cannot be an easy time for the company, and we at CleanEdison feel for the victims and their families. We do not wish to make light of such a tragedy. However, it is a pertinent moment to officially clarify, in response to all those asking us, that CleanEdison is not the renewable energy division of Con Ed. We are completely unrelated.

CleanEdison provides forward thinking solutions. As the nation's leading training provider in the clean energy space, offering professional certification courses in the renewable industries, we are educators of the future. Our programs are geared toward employing a sustainable workforce with classes in areas like solar panel design and installation, LEED green building accreditation, energy auditing, engineering FE and PE exam prep, project management, Lean Six Sigma and others. These curricula focus on efficiency, innovation and environmental responsibility.

As an increasing number of Americans discover the benefits of tapping into renewable energies like solar power, CleanEdison will be more clearly differentiated from the utility companies that currently dominate the energy market. Until that time comes, while we're still just a start-up training student after student for the workforce of today, we must answer the question once and for all: CleanEdison is a standalone entity.

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