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ISupport Explains the Importance of Online Virus Support for a Sustained Healthy PC

iSupport offers Spyware/Malware Removal Service with a touch of heart!

Life without computers today can be almost unimaginable. On the same note, life with a wearisome computer can also be quite unimaginable.

It has been reported that consumers and businesses spend billions of dollars every year on anti-virus software. But these programs rarely, if ever, block freshly minted computer viruses, experts say, because the virus creators move too quickly. That is prompting start-ups and other companies to get creative about new approaches to computer security.

A study by Imperva, a data-security firm in Redwood City, Calif., and students from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology confirms this when they collected and analyzed 82 new computer viruses and put them up against more than 40 anti-virus products, made by top companies such as Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab. They found that the initial detection rate was less than 5 percent.

Apart from high resolution rates, remote computer assistance is both time and cost effective. Remote services benefit both the service providers as well as the end-users. Users get immediate attention for their system hazards, while service providers don't need to visit places to rectify the errors and fix them. Price wise, online services are usually cheaper due to low maintenance costs borne by the service providers.

Virus damages

Powerful viruses are known to not just steal and damage data but also cause severe damage to software and hardware systems. Waiting to get the right virus removal program can sometimes cause further damage to you system. That's why when it comes to instant virus removal assistance, iSupport offers exclusive online virus removal to the global audience in minimal time.

iSupport is not just another online tech support company that offers technical help. What makes it different is its team of experts who undertake to personalize every call. They are emphatic and understanding to a customer's computer needs, problems and are determination to get to the bottom of the issue, in a caring manner. While protecting computer systems against all types of external threats through of viruses, malwares, spyware and other malicious programs, technicians aim at speedy removal of these threats with thoughtful consideration.

"Putting yourself in the customer's shoes is important to looking after the customer's concern as if it were your own," said an iSupport technician.

iSupport is based in Scottsdale AZ, USA that represents a global IT Support and services company helping small businesses and busy consumers with affordable IT support while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Established in 2010, iSupport's mission is to help people with high-quality tech support in the comfort of their homes at the lowest cost. The expert team at iSupport, since inception, has been providing reliable and affordable IT support through its team of friendly and dedicated technicians who specialize in computer and internet issues: hardware and software repairs, office set-up, tech support, hosting, networking and online services, optimization and computer protection, using current technologies to make sure computer issues are effectively and speedily dealt with.

iSupport's services also include:

Repair and Installation of your operating system

Free PC diagnostics

PC optimization for better PC performance

Protection against viruses, malware attacks, spyware, adware and Trojans, etc.

Download and Installation of Windows updates

Installation of software updates

Installation of Windows drivers

Troubleshooting and solving Internet related issues

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