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iSolve Technologies has come out with a new & enhanced version of its Media Monitoring system!

iSolve Technologies has come out with a new & enhanced version of its Media Monitoring system!
With our comprehensive global media monitoring software, it is now possible to track multi-channel media across global markets in one easy to use package.

Our new integrated media monitoring system tracks all of the following:
• Print & online editions of magazines, newspapers & journals
• Broadcast media such as TV & Radio.
• Advanced media outreach systems such as blogs, communities and news sites

iSolve Technologies empowers the stories of audience across the globe. This all new system enables a user to customize the parameters & track the fluctuating trends / developments across various streams of network.

Print Media monitoring:
iClip - the in-house software that iSolve has created will provide you with an effective end to end digitization solution, which in turn will help you increase your revenue by reducing the operational cost. iClip uses optimized OCR technology and can process several languages. It also provides customized reports based on your requirements.

Social Media monitoring:
Our enhanced Social media Monitoring Tool places importance on your needs & and is completely customizable based on the particular media/sentiments that you want to track. This software is packed with powerful technology that tracks social mentions extremely effectively, which in turn can be used for sentiment analysis on a centralized interface.

Broadcast monitoring:
Although Television & Radio are now traditional ways of broadcasting information, they are still extremely powerful in reaching a mass audience. So, it is very important to monitor these media to track what is being broadcasted on air. Understanding the importance of story tracking, we at iSolve have developed an automated Broadcast Media Monitoring framework capable of providing complete coverage of major TV & radio channels and can monitor in real time. Our fully functional media monitoring tool lets the user automate the process of Broadcast monitoring, which can also be used for ad verification & ad tracking by detecting the ad sample in the broadcast dump. This system provides clients with several benefits including accurate results, reduced cost and ease of usage.

Web Crawling:
It is the age of internet where there an overload of information in the form of web pages across a huge number of websites. It has become necessary for many companies to do data mining & scraping on a regular basis in order to help them in making business decisions. There is thus a need for automated web crawlers to handle this difficult & complicated task. Understanding this, iSolve has built an advanced crawler that can handle complicated Data Crawling tasks effectively. We offer customized web crawlers depending on your needs, which in turn will help you have a strong Web Data Extraction system in place.

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