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Island Trader Vacations Reviews the Biggest Travel Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Island Trader Vacations reviews some of the biggest mistakes even the most experienced travelers should watch out for when traveling.

Even the most prepared and experienced travelers can make mistakes. Although these mistakes may only cause minor inconveniences, others can impact all aspects of the vacation. From poor planning to just bad judgment, Island Trader Vacations Reviews the biggest travel mistakes you don't want to make.

Passport mistakes - From waiting too long to get the passport to assuming that the passport is good until the day it expires, there are a dozen ways that a passport can make a fool out of any traveler. Perhaps the least known passport issue that causes the most problems is the expiration rule. In certain countries passport requirements include that the passport must be valid for six months past the date of the flight home. Making this error can put a quick stop to even the best laid vacation plans.

Connecting flight issues - While an experienced traveler may only make this mistake once, not booking a connecting flight with enough time to get to the gate or let the luggage get to the gate can put a glitch in any traveler's plans. If planning connecting flights, ensure that there is enough time to get to the gate, even if there is a delay.

Not understanding phone plans - Phone fees and other phone issues account for many of the biggest mistakes travelers should watch out for. Not only can these issues be inconvenient, millions of travelers have returned home to massive unexpected bills by not considering data roaming and overseas charges.

Checking must-have items - Whether on accident or on purpose, checking items such as prescriptions, jewelry or a camera can cause more than just inconvenience later on. Travelers are advised to keep must-have items on their person when traveling by air.

Getting caught by foreign transaction fees - Credit cards are a great way to travel however, they can also be the downfall of even an experienced traveler if they are not careful. Foreign transaction fees were once inescapable, however, today a number of credit card companies offer cards which waive these fees. Know before you go to avoid this pitfall.

Island Trader Vacations is a members-only travel club offering valuable members only benefits. Dedicated to member satisfaction, Island Trader Vacations review the information to help travelers make the most of travel.

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