IQR Consulting Presentation on Data Analytics For Casinos Now Available

Presentation from recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) on how casinos benefit from data analytics is now available.

- IQR Consulting Data Analytics has made available an audio recording and a slide presentation of its conference on "Data Mining: Discovering Gold In Your Database" presented by Rahul Nawab, company co-founder, at this year's Global Gaming Expo (G2E). G2E, one of the largest trade shows and conferences for the gaming and entertainment industry, annually attracts more than 20,000 casino executives from all around the world.

"Casinos and gaming operations are striving to take full advantage of the increasing importance of data analytics," said Nawab. "Based on the response to the G2E seminar, casinos seemed most focused on how data analytics can be used to increase revenue and attract the best and most profitable guests." The educational seminar was moderated by Nawab and IQR Consulting which provides data research and analytics to assist companies in understanding their marketplace and to provide a basis for how to react to changing conditions.

In the seminar, Nawab outlined how gaming operation need to leverage the data they have from player tracking systems and all their IT warehouses to include the key component: the customer view. In this way, the organization can develop the actionable insights needed to improve ROI. In one example, Nawab illustrated how analytics could be used to identify and reallocate the right 10 percent of the marketing spend would result in a casino moving players into a higher worth segment.

Gaming experts on the panel to handle the question and answer session at the presentation included: Chris Archunde, Raving Partner, Technology and Marketing Operations; Rick Harshman, Founder of H2R, Inc.; Mary Loftness, Principal of Profitable Consumers; and Stephanie Maddocks, Founder and President of Power Strategies.

Overall, the G2E session reviewed one of the biggest challenges for casino operators: how to deliver differentiated patron experiences that both retain loyal customers and attract new ones, while at the same time, paying careful attention to operational costs and profitability.

Please email IQR Consulting at info[at]iqrconsulting[dot]com with Subject line as "G2E Presentation Access Request" to receive free access to the audio recording and slide presentation of "Data Mining: Discovering Gold In Your Database."


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