Introducing The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera

The Surprising Brand New Spy Gear Line Created By Crushers, Inc.

Bring out the James Bond in you with this highly sophisticated pen camera . A James Bond-esque product, the pen looks, feels and works just like any other pen - but with an added surprise. It manages to covertly record events in high quality and replay them for later use.

The product is a real ballpoint pen - capable of producing ink. This makes it very easy to pass off the item during events, removing any suspicion among friends and family. Owners can even let others borrow it especially since the pen is designed NOT to be obvious. Only those who know where to look will be able to find out that this pen comes with its very own camera.

High Resolution
The spy video camera pen is of the highest quality, thanks to the much advancement in technology today. It passes the blur test, ensuring that sufficient images will still be captured even when items move at a particular speed.

The spy pen hidden camera comes with a 8GB refillable memory card, allowing users to record hours of video. This ensures that every important event is recorded with not a second missed out.

In order to obtain the videos, users simply need to plug the pen to their computer and start copying using the included USB cable, its PC and Mac compatible for easy plug and play. The cable attaches to the spy pen using the USB port strategically located in the pen. This makes it completely hidden from others, ensuring that the pen still looks legit!

Video format is readable for all types of computers! Those who want to convert it into other formats can do so once the file is transferred to their computer!

Capture honest events without being caught - this spy camera offers the convenience of being light and compact while still getting top quality videos. The fact that it remains inconspicuous means that your friends and family would not know that they are being recorded. Watch the surprise on their faces as you replay important events for entertainment!

The product has actually been hailed as the best spy pen camera in today's market. It comes at a reasonable price and has been ordered by many interested individuals. It's also covered by a warranty and made using only top quality materials. Manufactured for durability, the product can last for years with the right care and use. The item is currently available through Amazon and can be delivered directly to the buyer's door. Rated 5 stars out of five, the product is delivered within a short period of time with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. To read customers reviews go to http://www.amazon.com/Recorder-Free-Included-PC-WebCam-Easy-Macs-Best-Ball-Point/product-reviews/B00DQ91FC4

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