Francesca Maria released her latest single "Partida" on 10th June 2014

Popular songwriter and recording artist Francesca Maria launched her new single, Partida, featuring smooth vocals from Brazilian singer and composer Mikael "Mika" Mutti on June 10th, 2014. The upbeat World Cup-inspired song is sung both in English and Portugese and is paired with dramatic, intense and rapid Batucada samba rhythms. Partida is produced by the acclaimed Italian music producers Cisa & Drooid, who also worked on the Francesca Maria's previous hit song, Dale Dale.

"Partida pays homage to Brazil, the host country of the exciting World Cup event. By blending native Brazillian instruments, rhythms and melodies with European Dance sounds, Partida unites the elements of soccer and Brazil," says Francesca Maria. She continues," Growing up in Italy around a family of soccer fans, players and even a few coaches is a proud tradition for me. "A Vida É Uma Partida," which translates to "life is a match" captures soccer's celebration of solidarity, and the integrity of play."

The inspiration to write Partida struck while Francesca Maria was shooting Dale Dale in Brazil. Moved by the country's generosity, dignity and joy of its people and culture, Francesca Maria wrote Partida's melodies to capture Brazil's authentic color, but needed a Brazilian artist to bring the colors to life. Mika Mutti's voice was the perfect match.

Partida's dominant percussive nature is designed to make people want to dance, similar to other iconic tunes with hard-hitting drums like Sergio Mendes' Magalenha. For the song to achieve this, the music team brainstormed how to create a powerful hook. They wanted a stadium sound and brought a group into the recording studio from age 7 and up to record the distinct "Ehhhhhh, oh!" "For us as the producers, the challenge to create Partida with so many new elements was fresh and fun. We sourced from everything - pots, cowbells, bottles, bowls and anything else that could offer a unique percussive sound!" say Cisa and Drooid.

"Francesca Maria, Cisa & Drooid have made the world dance and sing with their hit Dale Dale. Their ability to create world music by combining purely European electronic sounds with earthy, colorful Latin rhythms has an infectious effect," comments Andreas Lautner, Director A&R, Universal Publishing Production Music. He continues, "Dale Dale tops the charts, but I personally believe that with Partida, they have set the bar even higher."