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Interchangeable Collars (and Sleeve Cuffs)

Fashion/style changes in a snap or a zip -- from night to day in just seconds!

Interchangeable Collars will change your style in a snap — actually in a zip! This versatile changing of the collars and sleeve cuffs is here to save you money, time and laundering and enables you to expand your wardrobe possibilities. For anyone wearing the Interchangeable Collars (and Sleeve Cuffs), this is the most affordable and fashionable way to change your look.

Interchangeable Collars is a specially designed shirt featuring collars and sleeve cuffs that can be changed. It is designed to provide consumers with a practical way to apply a fresh collar or cuffs to their shirt without having to launder the entire shirt. It offers a variety of colors and designs enabling the user to update their look from day to night in a swift, easy and inexpensive fashion. The unique design of the collar and cuff component of the shirt is that it is removable and replaceable. The collar would be applied and secured in place on the garment via a discreetly hidden zipper, self affixing Velcro® fastener or via buttons—all of which are designed to match the shirt and/or offer a new look. Included for sale with each collar is a single shirt, with two extra collars and two sets of sleeve cuffs. Televised test marketing was recently completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Interchangeable Collars and Cuffs.

The Patent Pending Interchangeable Collars and Cuffs were invented by Teri Roberts of Philadelphia, PA, who said, "We are all looking for easy and affordable ways to expand our wardrobe by saving money, time, laundry care and clothing purchases which are very important! The Interchangeable Collar and Cuffs helps save money in this area by providing extra collars and cuffs for shirts. It works perfectly and goes from day to night in just seconds."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company, 450 7th Avenue, Suite #1107 New York, NY 10123. Telephone: 212-620-2629

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