Interact With The Stars In Zodiacts: Taurus Treehouse

Author Donna McGarry releases a multi-touch version of Zodiacts: Taurus Treehouse. This state of the art children's e-reader includes author narration as well as interactive pictures.

Celebrating the Taurus birthday season, author Donna McGarry releases an enhanced version of her children's fantasy book, Zodiacts: Taurus Treehouse. This state-of-the-art version includes interactive elements and narration as it introduces young readers to the simple beauty of the constellation Taurus.

Sweet, charming, and quirky, this delightful tale explores themes of ownership, control, and sharing. Leo joins up with his heroic grandma to stave off a slimy bug invasion, while the incorrigible Starrkitty races against the clock to build the greatest treehouse the universe has ever known. Employing the constructive energy of the Taurus Moon, the gang learns both the value of building something substantial and the joy of sharing the fruits of their labors.

Merging surreal visual imagery with melodic verse, the book will captivate both the beginner reader as well as the fanciful adult. "Astrology is the study of human nature as well as an acceptance of and delight in the eccentricities of behavior," notes author McGarry. "By creating colorful characters whose personalities embody the characteristics of the zodiac signs, I hope to introduce children to the world of astrology: it's never to early to start learning about people."

The eBook is available through the ITunes bookstore. Printed copies can be ordered through Createspace or Amazon.

About the Author
Donna McGarry is the author of five children's books in the Zodiacts series, including Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy and Zodiacts: Gemini Jamboree. A level one graduate of Steven Forrest's Astrological Apprenticeship Program, she hopes her vision of the skies encourages the little ones to dream big dreams. For more information, or to schedule an interview, please visit the website www.zodiacts.com, or e-mail mcgarryd6@gmail.com


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