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Instrument Donation Program Currently Awarding Tryptophan Sensors

Turner Designs' instrument donation program now awarding Tryptophan Cyclops-7 sensors

Turner Designs is excited to offer a new instrument donation program to allow more customers with budgetary constraints to use our instruments in their research. In the past, Turner Designs' donation program awarded one instrument every six months. We're changing this program and issuing requests for proposals based on specific instruments or applications. We'll select from the proposals and possibly award donations to several researchers, rather than just one as before. If selected, we'll want to receive detailed information after you complete your study such as data, photos, and conclusions. If you present the data or write a paper we will post it on our website. If not, we may write a case study using your information.

We are currently awarding Tryptophan Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluorometers. Are you working in wastewater or coastal monitoring areas? Would you like to use our Tryptophan sensor in your studies? Tell us what you'd like to do and what information and data Turner Designs should expect from your research. We'd like the results within 6 months of when you receive the sensor and the sensor will be yours to keep. Applications are due by July 31, 2014. Awards will be made as successful applications are submitted. Please visit our website for the online application: http://www.turnerdesigns.com/research-awards/donation-program/instrument-donation-application

Turner Designs provides innovative optical-based solutions for basic research, water quality analysis, pollution control analysis, and industrial applications. Our focus has been optics for over 41 years and we have worldwide distribution of optical instrumentation. Turner Designs is known for rugged, reliable and stable submersible, field, handheld, laboratory, and in-line instrumentation varying in functionality, size, and price. Customers rate us an average of 9.24, on a scale of 1-10, when asked how likely they would be to recommend us.

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