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Instant Embroidered Branding... Anywhere... With No Equipment

Now you can instantly brand anyone or anything with temporary branding created with Peel-N-Stick embroidered logos by Windswept Marketing.

Welcome to a world that allows you to instantly brand yourself with a beautiful embroidered logo, with no equipment and done by you... anywhere!

Windswept Marketing has an awesome instant branding technique called Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ that allows you to brand yourself, or others, with an embroidered logo at any time. What's better is you can remove the logo whenever you desire and re-use over and over on other apparel. The temporary branding with Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ allows you a tremendous amount of flexibility and cost savings when it comes to branding your logo anywhere.

Just imagine being able to brand anyone on the spot with an embroidered logo. No more huge cost of embroidered shirts, timing of getting the shirt, minimums to order, logistics of sizes and colors etc. People can wear their own clothes and simply apply the Peel-N-Stick Embroidery™ on themselves, and immediately be branded with a beautiful embroidered logo. Just think of the cost savings as well as the headaches of removing all of the miseries of direct embroidering apparel.

Other great solutions for trade shows, where you can stick your embroidered logo on people when they walk by and now you instantly have walking billboards for you around the show. Or, if you are hosting a show, you can make sure all the visitors are branded with your company name. You can even instantly brand your wait staff and trade show support people and they automatically look to be employed by you... what a concept. No more limitations as to where you can decorate with an embroidered logo as they are simply stuck on by the end user wherever they want them.

Also great for awareness campaigns or in stadium giveaways where Windswept Marketing can help you with special packaging to allow co-sponsoring, co-branding or co-messaging. This embroidery on the spot pieces can be put on backer cards, poly bags, header cards etc. The options are virtually endless as to what and how you can brand with these low cost embroidery pieces.

If you want to see what the likes of Nintendo, NBA and so many others are so excited about, then you need to check out this awesome embroidery technique today. You won't find a lower cost and better solution to remove all the headaches of standard embroidery and allow yourself to instantly brand with an embroidered logo on the market today.

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