InQbaby Introduced World's First Stream-Based Push Notification Through The Launch Of TwalkyEvents v2.0

InQbaby introduced the world's first "Stream-based Push Notification" (SPN) application at the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2010 and TMT China Internet & Mobile held in Beijing between 27May to 31May. As a speaker/panelist, Mr David So (CEO of I

"Although it is technically different, push notification in iphone is like SMS from the user's point of view." David So told the audience in the TMT China conference. He believes that SPN can replace SMS (Short Message Service) in many areas as it can be broadcast to subscribers of that stream and hence can avoid SMS spam, a very common problem in China.

SPN is now built into Twalky platform, which enables InQbaby to create web and mobile solutions for its clients based on the company's pioneering Streams-as-a-Service (StaaS) model. Although TwalkyEvents is the first showcase app that uses SPN, any Twalky-based app can leverage on the SPN technology provided by the company.

David thinks that this disruptive technology has many practical applications, especially with streams related to location and events. "With SPN, you do not have to wait for the long lines at the World Expo in Shanghai. You will get an alert once the line is less than 5 minutes waiting time when you subscribe to that stream" David So told the audience of GMIC that mainly consists of VCs and entrepreneurs.

About InQbaby

InQbaby is the business creation platform that mainly incubates ideas and projects for businesses. We leverage off our Twalky platform to create web and mobile solutions based on our pioneering Streams-as-a-Service (StaaS) model for our clients.

The company was founded by Mr David So, who was previously a well-known Asia-Pacific equity research analyst in the telecom, media and technology (TMT) sectors over the past decade (began prior to the Mar 2000 dotcom crash) having appeared in international media channels including pay and free-to-air television (CNBC, Sky News, Asia TV..), newspapers (The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The South China Morning Post..), journals (Business Week..), electronic terminals (Bloomberg, Reuters..), industry events (Shanghai Stock Exchange's China Securities Analysis Forum..) radios and blogs for his market-moving investment opinions and industry analysis.

About Twalky

Twalky enables anyone to create real-time streams of any entity including (but not limited to) people, places, events, products, services, objects and animals that reflect/map the real world. Anyone can create social networks/applications based on the Twalky platform, which can be reused by other applications built by others.

Applications built on Twalky ranges from "The Innovation Movement Network" (a 2010 Consumer Electronic Show prize-winning application created by a non tech person) to "TwalkyEvents".

About TwalkyEvents
TwalkyEvents is the first truly location-based mobile app (currently available in iphone) for events in the world. It is built on Twalky, a web-based platform where users can create applications with real-time streams of anything. Based on event streams, users of TwalkyEvents can record activities and save photos of events that they want to share with friends or just for personal record keeping.


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