Infographic Gives Bartenders Ideas on How to Easily Mix Cocktails

Learning how to mix drinks is no easy task for any newly hired bartender, but maybe associating cocktail recipes with Mad Men characters would make the process easier and more fun.

Learning how to whip up new cocktails is no easy feat for most new bartenders. After all, it takes a balanced mix of creativity and instinct; not everyone has what it takes, or can manage to get their first batch of cocktails right the first time.

Thanks to the content and marketing team at Learn2Serve, a premier online provider of food safety and alcohol seller and server training courses, you no longer have to stress about getting your traditional cocktail mixes right. Just refer to the infographic the team has just come up with—which discusses top cocktail recipes that represent TV land's favorite fictional characters on Mad Men.

The infographic also aimed to give some background on Mad Men's lead characters and how their personalities have developed throughout the past six seasons.

The infographic features 7 cocktails namely Old Fashioned, Brandy Alexander, Campari and Sambuca Con Mosca, Vodka Gimlet, Bloody Mary, Martini and Pink Squirrel.

Mad Men is an AMC-produced period drama set at the end of the 50s to early 60s and follows the life of an advertising executive named Don Draper. The series explores the issues of infidelity, gender and racial equality, sexuality and women empowerment—all of which were significant social issues during the era.

Learn2Serve has previously released an infographic on drinking habits around the world, and this year's upcoming restaurant trends.

Click here to see infographic. http://www.learn2serve.com/blog/files/Learn2Serve-Madmen-Retro-Cocktails.jpg

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