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Infographic from Worldcare Has Everything You Need to Know About Sochi

Worldcare, a lead provider of travel insurance with over 20 years' experience, has published an infographic detailing some of the top facts about the Russian city of Sochi

Australian travel insurance provider, Worldcare, recently published an infographic - Sochi: The Pearl of the Black Sea - delivering information about the 2014 Winter Olympics host city.

The infographic includes basic facts about Sochi, such as population, climate, city districts and sister cities. It also has travel specific facts such as how many visitors come into the region and how they travel there. Worldcare's new infographic even offers information about the cost of living in Sochi and the history of the city.

One of the most interesting facts highlighted in the infographic is the presence of the Tree of Friendship found in Sochi. The wild lemon tree was planted in 1943 and engrafted with 45 species of citrus. Since then, 163 countries have added over 600 grafts as a token of friendship.

Worldcare spokesperson, Amy Davis, said with the international spotlight focused on Sochi people are finally learning about what makes it a great place to visit.

"For travellers looking to visit Russia, Sochi offers the best of both worlds - the beach, the forests and lots of history in between," she explained.

"Worldcare has a great range of travel insurance policies to suit those travelling to Europe."

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It is as always an effective plan to familiarise the place before you travel. It's one way to prepare what activities are best, when to visit so your holiday will perfectly suit your preference. Worldcare has done a good representation of giving bits of what are and what were about Russia's Sochi City.

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