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INDUSA Conducts Webinars On "Five Tips For Building An Enterprise Social Network Using SharePoint"

INDUSA recently hosted webinars which enlightened the participants about creating an enterprise social network leveraging SharePoint 2010 features.

INDUSA recently hosted two webinars on the topic, "Five Tips for Building an Enterprise Social Network" for several decision-makers. The webinars introduced the concept of a typical enterprise social network scenario and the benefits of SharePoint 2010 to enhance the overall networking experience. These webinars were held on November 6 and 13 respectively on the same topic.

Sanjay Savkur, Director, Business Development, INDUSA was the prime speaker of the events. He narrated a brief presentation In order to make listeners understand the reasoning behind an enterprise social network- and the need to identify intranet communication needs before setting up an internal network.

The informative sessions were hosted to enlighten the listeners about the trends, benefits, and real life examples of internal social networks put in action to benefit businesses. The webinars included tips to:

• Develop a holistic and actionable Digital Marketing strategy
• Address the needs of intranets effectively
• Leverage Social Media to enhance employee productivity
• Develop quick searches for better use of internal networks
• Integrate IT applications leveraging SharePoint

The webinars also enumerated the components of the internal social network in an enterprise including Communities, micro-blogging avenues, social profiles, enterprise search, advanced security and document collaboration. The presentation included tips to leverage SharePoint features to blend in seamlessly with existing systems and operational processes in an enterprise.

Savkur then spoke on behalf of INDUSA about the company's experience in building communities, enhance the micro-blogging and activity streams, integrate with existing CRM and ERP systems, optimize licenses, customization of workflows for different processes and development of content management add-ons. The webinar ended with a brief Q&A session to address the queries of some webinar participants.

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