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Indie Film With a Message Begins Principal Photography in Portland, OR

Lily on Saturday, an indie film being shot in the NW, follows a week in the life of a woman ready to take back her life after a dark past.

Entandem Productions will begin principal photography on full length feature production "Lily on Saturday" starring Stephana Johnson, Emily Sahler and Michael Patrick Connelly, directed by Christine Autrand Mitchell, Director of Photography Bradley Sellers, Casting by Lori Lewis and will be filmed in and around the Portland, Oregon metro area.

The film will explore the relationship of the lead character, Lily, played by local actress Stephana Johnson, with her past and her home town set in the NW.

"Sometimes we paint the past with elaborate colors so we can remember them in a much better light. We look forward to nothing - to doing nothing - and we end up in a life-changing event. We find certain weeks more extraordinary than others, even though we expect little of them. And that's just what happened to Lily." says writer/director Christine Autrand Mitchell

Mitchell who also wrote and is co-producing the film with Derek Nickell, is an award winning screen writer who chose this script as her first project to direct. "Lily on Saturday really isn't so different from our lives, sometimes we just need to be reminded that in order to find ourselves, we have to first admit we're lost - and find our courage. And that's what I set out to do with this story, which lived in a life parallel to mine at a retreat with my best friend a few years ago - it was as if it was vividly projected beside us wherever we went and all I had to do was watch and then write it down."

For interviews with lead actress starring as Lily, contact Stephana Johnson through or 360-936-3374. For interviews with the director contact Entadem Productions Christine Autrand Mitchell

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