India's Largest Student Information System Now Online

India's largest student information system now online. A student can find out each and every requirements solutions information on this single platform. For students there are Delhi data live but in coming days they can view data across India.

YOURVISION INDIA offers his services to students across India. As there are students who do not get right counseling for selecting career as per their choice and that is leading them to unsuccessful or unsatisfied category. Here We will guide them as per their interest and show them the career path, eligibility, other supportive services and many more on a single platform. We are focusing rural students as well because they are lacking the right counseling and career guidance. Now these days internet has reach rural area so we have decided to bring those students as an active user and can guide him/her self free of cost and can go to any cities in India for further study. If they want to find hostel/pg/room, library, tutor, coaching, medical services, buy books online, part/full time job, exam/result notification, etc. everything available on this single platform.

Currently data preparation is going on offline basis in Delhi but in coming days across India data will be shown. There are no any hidden charges for students. For service providers we have fixed a minimal charge as our survival cost which a service provider can easily pay to show their service online to increase their business among large number of users.

Good feedbacks are coming everyday from the market and we are accepting there response. Ultimately we are in the process to create a user friendly student information system so those users don't go anywhere to find the information and services. Very soon it will come on other smart phones and gadgets to entertain a large no. of users. Be active user and feedback us and in reverse get advantage and guide your colleague students or relatives or friends.

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