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Independent Retailer Bucks Recession Trend

Sole trader builds a solid team of industry respected experts and utilises fresh media and marketing approach to achieve resounding success within poor economic climate.

Announcements from the latest Chancellor's Autumn Statement promise to help small businesses with a reduced level of corporation tax. However despite this, the current economy continues to shrink and tough times are reverberating across the nation.

For the foreseeable future retailers are further challenged to offer exceptional service and products for outstanding prices in what is already an extremely competitive restrictive market. Retail evolution within today's climate relies heavily upon a multitude of additional aspects in comparison to the traditional sales and storefront approach.

Birmingham's latest addition, DJ Tech Direct, is an example of an independent retailer rapidly growing due to a multi-channel approach.
From start to finish, what they have achieved is an unbelievable accolade, generating a leading store and populating their website, ebay and Amazon with a wide spectrum of products in record time of 6 weeks. The DJ Tech Direct brand is already considered an inspiration to existing local independent retailers and a consensual nod to others thinking of launching within a bleak economic downturn.

When the iconic retailer, 'Hard To Find Ltd', folded under the accumulative weight of financial burden, its staff soon found themselves redundant and without base to share their area of expertise. Jamie O'Callaghan (former store manager) spotted the void within the market and immediately sought new investment with a view of opening a stronger more specified frontage, rising like a phoenix from the flames. Alex Field, Managing Director of Audio Affair, a leading independent Hi-Fi retailer, saw the posing business opportunity. As its main investor, Alex has launched two new stores in Birmingham providing jobs to the local area. As well as the Birmingham based stores, DJ Tech Direct benefits from an online store. Enlisting the best local talent, Owen Taylor & Matt Mckillop were promptly hired. Both holding previous management within prolific music equipment retailers as well as being renown international DJs and record producers. Collectively the DJ Tech Direct team span over 40 years of industry experience. This wealth of experience and insight into the industry means that they are suitably placed. As an organisation in its infancy the biggest challenge has been preparing for the ensuing Christmas period, when internet and store sales soar. Extending their stock holding, merchandising and tailored packages to fully capitalise on the festive season following so promptly after their August launch.

Being based at the Custard Factory, the creative quarter of the nation's second biggest city, has assisted DJ Tech Direct compete on a level field with multi-chained competitors. Offering low rent for this infant company, it has allowed them to pass on the savings to their customers and actively compare with internet prices, often monopolised by major corporations.

Continuing their creative approach to sales, the digital marketing agenda has been proactively nurtured with both Facebook and Twitter excelling in content and following. Purposefully keeping customers up to date with the companies progression, product additions and ongoing competitions accentuated with industry news. The introduction of forthcoming Christmas plans have created a massive buzz, including a live advent calendar packed with amazing deals and additional surprises to maintain the consumer interest.

Future projections for the business read like a seasoned traveller returning to their most favoured place, content and full of abundant energy. Plans heavily involve customer inclusion and as DJ Tech Direct continues to grow so will their public presence. With some very exciting strategies afoot, you'll be sure to see this brand not only feature in your bedroom but into your favourite club ascending to the DJ booth. Metered viral marketing will see the internet awash with interactive content inviting you to experience the forward thinking sales approach from this futuristic company so be sure to keep an ear open for the audio delight from this very welcome industry favourite.

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