Launches, The Most Anticipated Men's Online Magazine of 2010

Timing could not be better for Impulse Magazine to launch, with plans on capitalizing on areas that other men's magazines are missing.

Atlanta, GA June 1, 2010 -- Founded by 25 year old entrepreneur from Cleveland, OH, launched today, with hopes of providing the missing ingredient that other online men's magazines seem to lack.

"You are going to see a community that comes to life with engaging conversations that most men don't dare to talk about.

This magazine promises to deliver quality content that adds value and creates engaging storylines that most men can relate to, " said Founder Donny Gamble.

"We are in an era where men are frowned upon for not providing for their families, making less than their counterparts, and not being able to have any type of job security. We will provide articles dealing with issues to help men in these areas and more." will offer the latest in entertainment, fitness, relationships, fashion, money, sports, outreach, and outdoor activities. The site will provide a Q&A advice section along with many special guest interviews and tips on how to become a better man.

The content is provided by a highly selective staff of writers and from unique individual users who choose to write articles for the site. This contribution combination allows for deeper audience engagement with more varied opinions from different sources permitted and included.

Thousands have already jumped on the Impulse craze by visiting the site daily, joining their Facebook Fanpage, following via Twitter, and also subscribing to the free newsletter.

The site uses Wordpress as a content management system because of the flexibility that it offers and ease of use for contributing writers. The overall design is built around the user by being very content rich and using a combination of images and videos to help quickly capture the eye of the readers.

Gamble says that the online men's magazine is in the beginning stages and has big plans coming in the future months. He plans to eventually take his brand of "Impulse" offline by creating a clothing line, men's fragrance, alcoholic beverage, and publication along with many other things, making ImpulseMagazine a lifestyle and not just another boring magazine.


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