Immigration Attorney Rahul Manchanda Is Set to Speak At The Fundamentals of Immigration Law Seminar

Local Manhattan Attorney Rahul Manchanda is Set to Share Information on Immigration Law's at the Fundamentals of Immigration Law Seminar;

New York, NY -Attorney Rahul Manchanda, has made his career fighting for the rights of immigrants to the United States. The Rossdale Group, a leader in providing continuing legal education (CLE) to attorneys across the country, has asked Mr. Manchanda to be the keynote speaker for their upcoming "Fundamentals of Immigration Law" seminar to take place on June 15th. Mr. Manchanda is expected to speak for 45 minutes on a broad range of Immigration topics, with special focus given to issues of naturalization and visas.

Mr. Manchanda has been asked to be the keynote speaker due to his eminent expertise in all facets of Immigration Law. He has spent many years as both an Immigration Attorney and Professor of Law. Over the course of a decade, Mr. Manchanda's internationally recognized law firm has guided thousands of clients through the immigration process. His formidable presence in Immigration Courts throughout the U.S. has seen positive judgments rendered on many matters pertaining to immigration and citizenship. Mr. Manchanda has taught Immigration Law at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice for the City University of New York.

The Rossdale CLE Center is a national leader in legal education and training. Rossdale is honored to be the educational provider of choice to host the country's distinguished federal and state judges, practicing attorneys, government officials, professors, and experts to provide customers with timely, precise and quality education. The Rossdale CLE Center provides live teleconferences, 24/7 instant downloads, CD's, podcasts, and in-person seminars.


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