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If Google Is God Of The Internet Universe Then Who Is The Messiah For Website Owners?

All potential customers and all clients will search the Internet using Google or similar, guiding them to the websites of companies as they show up in the results. The challenge is to know who is visiting the website for lead generation.

Engago Technologies Ltd. presents the liberator of the Internet for companies having websites in B2B by revealing the companies visiting their websites.

Having 95% of the Internet search market, Google can be called God of the Internet universe as most traffic passes through their search engine bringing potential customers and existing clients to websites of companies in search for solutions to their problems or issues. All these companies require knowing who is visiting their website in order to monetize their traffic by converting it into leads. Surveys show that only 2 to 3 percent will ever submit contact information or contact the company.
As hardly any visitor will ever contact the company he is visiting or in the best case use a free web email address (Gmail, Yahoo, ...) all the investments in SEM and efforts for SEO are more or less completely wasted.

Hence a liberator is required who can reveal the companies visiting. One such Messiah is LEADSExplorer allowing to significantly increase the conversion rate by:
- Revealing the companies visiting
- Indicating their interest in products or services
- Showing the level of interest
- Allowing contacting people in these interested companies by email
- Following-up these website leads

For each identifiable visitor the service will:
- Show the company name
- Show the search terms used or referencing website
- Display the pages visited
- Give visit information such as time on pages, most visited page, duration of visit
- Indicate the number of returning visits by visitor and by company

For benefits, functions and features more information can be found on the LEADSExplorer website (www.LEADSExplorer.com)

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