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Ideas For Starting And Creatinge A Business Plan Are Customized By 72equity.com

72equity.com Works With Entrepreneurs In Preparing Custom Business & Marketing Plans, Idea Generation, Pitchdecks, & Interim Co-Founder Consulting Services

Many entrepreneurs who need ideas on starting and creating an investor ready business plan can partner up with 72equity.com on all aspects of expert business plans writing, executive summaries, pitchdecks, marketing analysis, and capital raising services.

"While 72 Equity.com & many other competitors are hired to write business plans, executive summaries, private placement memorandums, and stock offering subscription agreements that average $7500-$25,000, the company has announced that it may offset the lower costs by providing sweat equity for innovative startups where we act as co-founders in all aspects of capital raising", stated Yuri Rutman, Managing Partner of 72equity.com.

The discounted pricing is only for new start-ups or entrepreneurs who have never raised capital before, are looking beyond just a boilerplate business plan preparation company but a consulting firm that acts as a strategic partner in guiding new companies to success.

Many business plan writing companies boast of staffing 10 Ivy League MBA's who are writing business plans yet have never raised capital or have run companies but charge high fees in getting business plans completed. Sometimes in the area of $10,000-$30,000 per business plan & PPM which makes sense for an operational company with revenues that wants to raise additional funding, but, not for first time startups.

Alternatively, many entrepreneurs think by paying $500 for a business plan, they are getting a great deal when all they get is sometimes a foreign company with a limited comprehension of English to write the plans.

72Equity.com's custom expert business plans & business plan consulting by professional business plan writers also includes additional services such as strategic investor leads generation that helps entrepreneurs and companies raise capital from targeted angel investors, institutional capital, venture capital, and family offices.

"We tie in the realistic expectations of what someone wants to raise and evaluate which stage of the process they are in and how much personalized hand holding they will need including an additional service we have of providing them with investor leads and social media strategies to maximize their chances of raising money", adds Rutman.

" We really want to maximize a company's or entrepreneur's long term success so that's why we really fill in a lot of gaps that some of our business consulting competitors simply do not have the experience to manifest".

72equity.com also acts as a progressive management consultant in filling in the holes that many entrepreneurs may have in their business plans, including providing innovative risk minimization strategies and exit scenarios for investors.

Startups, Non-Profits, and established small businesses that need a comprehensive and strategic business plan, marketing plan, financials, pro-formas, or other business consulting can contact the company for a free no obligation consultation at 1-888-341-6888 or by filing out a needs analysis form at http://www.72equity.com.

72equity.com provides business consulting services to individuals and companies in all 50 states.

It also works in all industries.

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