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Ideal Graduation Party Food Ideas For Celebrating The Occasion

Would you want to know of five common yet magnificent graduation party ideas? You can do any of these with a bit of careful planning and a vivid imagination. What you need to focus on if you are tasked to stage a graduation party

The Ideal graduation party food ideas should comprise of a wide variety of dishes to select from and the best way is to involve the graduates in the menu selection so that they can select and vote for the recipes they love. The basic of the menu are appetizers followed by the different varieties of salads and soups. Fruit salads are generally preferred over vegetable salad by most of the young people as it provides them with an added energy as it contains natural sugars.

When deciding graduation party food ideas, you should always bear in mind that there will be a large number of guests with different age groups. Guests should have a meal that is light and easy to eat and it should also be delicious so that they can enjoy the party.

The menu of the party include-

Main dishes- you can include ribs, submarine sandwiches, chicken wings which are easy to eat. You can also try dishes like lasagna, spaghetti and pasta which can easily be baked in bulk and are also available as vegetarian dish. You can have sandwiches made with a variety of toppings, cheese, meats and condiments which the guests can select. Other very good options for main dishes include pizzas, hot dog bars, finger foods and taco bar as these can be made with a wide variety of toppings.

Side dishes- cheese and crackers are easy dishes that enable the guests to snack during the party, fruit skewers, dip and vegetables are also a very healthy option which can add splash of color to the food table. Salads can also be used as snacks which include potato or pasta salad, caeser salad and Greek salad. Pretzels and chips are also favorite snacks that can be used to enjoy the celebration. Guests can even take these snacks in napkins and carry it around the party. Another option for adding more variety to the party menu is by adding veggie tray, fruit trays and cracker trays as you can also have different dips to accompany these dishes.

Drinks- along with offering bottled water and cans of pop you can also have large punch bowls for more refreshment. Adding rainbow sherbet and ginger ale to different fruit punches can create really delicious beverages that will be loved by your guests.

Desserts- dessert table is considered as the crowd pleaser which may have large graduation cake as the center of attraction. It is the best dishes among the other graduation party food ideas which your guests will enjoy the most. You can also include bite size treats in different flavors which may be fruit to chocolate flavored desserts as you can also add nuts and caramel to the desserts. You can also spread candy dishes throughout the party as it can be colorful and bright decoration as a fun snack item. You can also add fudge, candies, brownies and cookies to your dessert table as it is an excellent addition to the traditional cake.

Graduation party food ideas can make the celebration more enjoyable for all your guests irrespective of their age.

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