IBillionaire Raises One Million Dollars to Deliver Hedge Fund-Like Returns to the Average Investor

In 2013, we brought you the iBillionaire Index (NYSE: BILLION), web platform and app. Having closed over a million dollars in funding, we're now preparing to unleash the iBillionaire ETF so that our community of investors can get in on the action.

In 2013, we set out on a mission to democratize the stock market, leveraging technology to harness information that has historically been available only to investment professionals and financial firms.

We first released a mobile app and web platform, which today help a community of over 65,000 investors from all over the globe make better investment decisions. Recognizing the potential of our technologies in making an even greater impact, we launched the iBillionaire Index (NYSE: BILLION) in November. And we've got even more in store for 2014.

Money in the Bank

iBillionaire has picked up over one million dollars in funding from major players in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Newfund Management has come onboard as an investor. Based in France, Newfund Management is an equity fund focused on high-growth entrepreneurial ventures. Leading Latin American seed fund NXTP Labs has participated with a follow-on investment, and a number of angel investors have backed the company as well, including Alejandro Estrada (DineroMail), Alec Oxenford (OLX) and Fabrice Grinda (OLX).

From Index to ETF

With the funds gathered, we're now working with an ETF sponsor to bring to the market an ETF in the spring of 2014.

An ETF (exchange-traded fund) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges. Today, there are approximately $2.4 trillion invested in ETFs globally, including $362 billion invested in the S&P 500. Our goal is to capture 1% of that - $3.6 billion - over the next three to five years.

The iBillionaire ETF will be based on the iBillionaire Index (NYSE: BILLION), which employs a proprietary algorithm to filter the stocks listed on the S&P 500 to identify top performers. It goes a step beyond the S&P, curating the 30 leading large-cap equities listed on the index by drawing from the investment strategies of financial billionaires who have consistently outperformed the market over time.

"In essence, the index works as though one gathered a group of these billionaires in a room and asked them to come to a consensus as to which S&P 500 stocks are their best bets," explains Raul Moreno, iBillionaire CEO.

Modeled on the same algorithm and theory behind the index, the iBillionaire ETF will provide investors with an unprecedented opportunity to reap direct and real financial rewards. It filters only U.S. equities with a large market capitalization, thus guaranteeing that it will follow only the most valuable companies in the United States, providing ample liquidity and a well-known benchmark.

The Proof

We've managed to tap into the secrets of Wall Street's top investors, including Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, Daniel Loeb and David Einhorn. The proof of our formula's success is in the numbers. Since November 1st, the iBillionaire Index has increased +3.60%. The S&P 500? Just +2.02%. And in 2013, the iBillionaire Index would have returned a whopping +41.60%, as opposed to +29.34% from the S&P.

Find out more about iBillionaire at www.iBillionaire.me. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and register here to be among the first to know when the iBillionaire ETF has launched.

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