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I Do App's Digital Baby Scale and Mobile Application Featured on the BabyFirst

Bluetooth Technology Enables Parents to Easily Track and Record their Baby's Growth.

I Do App, LLC and the BabyFirst have entered into a licensing agreement to bring new parents a revolutionary baby weight monitoring technology that is available right at their fingertips. The digital baby scale and mobile application are paired together with all new parents in mind. The electronic baby scale is designed to help new parents achieve greater peace of mind about their baby's weight progress and important milestones. The first television commercial introducing the IDoApp's digital baby scale and mobile application will begin to air on the BabyFirst Network on February 10th, 2014.

The Digital Baby Scale and Weight Monitor records and creates a photo history to share memories of your baby's growth through the Bluetooth enabled mobile phone/tablet App and scale.

The electronic baby scale and mobile applications work together to automatically record a baby's weight and creates a trended baby growth chart of your baby's progress. It helps give parents the peace of mind that their baby is sufficiently feeding to thrive.

Courtney Montoya, a mother of four says, "this is a great baby shower gift idea that is a must for all new moms. I wish I had one with my first child, it would have lessened my anxiety around the growth of my daughter."

The first televised commercial for this device will air on BabyFirst, beginning on February 10th, 2014. BabyFirst provides a unique, engaging experience for babies and parents during the first stages of life. BabyFirst is aired across the nation on DIRECTV, Dish Network, Xfinity and AT&T U-verse. The BabyFirst mission is to give babies a positive, meaningful and friendly start in life.

The development of a child is one of a parent's foremost concerns and with the Bluetooth baby scale and mobile applications parents can track and monitor body weight and BMI (body mass index), learn and share the growth progress with the family pediatrician, family and friends. To learn more about IDoApp and the Baby Weight Monitoring App and scale, please visit - http://babysweight.com/ or http://www.i-do-app.com/.

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IDoApp, LLC brings affordable, cutting-edge interactive Bluetooth devices and software that uses biofeedback information to motivate and educate people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Lifestyle enhancement is the focus of the IDoApp system. Our mission is to educate, empower and provide leading edge technology to make health improvement simple, engaging and informative.

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