Hunters And Fishermen: New Technology Promises More Time Spent Afield And On The Water

A Fast And Easy Means Of Sharing Outdoor Related Topics Means More Time Spent Hunting And Fishing

Outdoorsmen and women are always getting ready for their next outing. Be it a fishing trip, or a sunset spent up in a tree there's always a decent amount of planning and work that goes into the pursuit of fin, fur or feather. According to the President Mark Wellin, anything that helps outdoorsy types save time is a good thing!

The recently launched allows outdoorsmen and woman a new and exciting means of discussing, sharing and exploring their favorite hunting and fishing related outdoor pursuits in a quick and time saving format. The site uses an image based layout where users can create topic specific "boards" and "pin" or place things of interest on them. This is the first website of its kind that is geared specifically towards hunter and fisherman.

"If you stumble across a newly released Bass bait, or a well written article on treestand placement, or a video of a monster mulie someone caught on a trail cam, for example, you can pin an image or video from the web page to your board at and it will stay there for others to explore, share, and comment on." Says owner Mark Wellin. "Users can easily upload their own images as well, allowing for fast and simple sharing of trophy fish and game animals."

The image based format is designed to be fast and easy in every aspect. Pinning an item takes only a few quick clicks. Making comments or "Liking" or sharing someone elses' post is only a click away. And the website integrates Facebook and Twitter account login options, making it a snap to join and get things rolling.

"The glory of this new type of image based website technology is the ability to make things super fast and easy for the users. We didn't want the flow of the website to hang up on user registration and logging in like so many other sites do, so we integrated the option to log right in with a FaceBook or Twitter account, or users can choose standard registration."

"Folks who hunt and fish like to be out hunting and fishing, not sitting in a room staring at a computer screen for hours on end." Says Wellin. "We kept this in mind during the entire development process."

The new technology wasn't perfect at first, and it's taken the developers over 3 months to get the source code tweaked and running smoothly since the site was launched this last April, 2012.

"Any venture utilizing relatively untested source coding is going to have problems," says Wellin "But we're glad we kept at it and now have a wonderful tool for hunters and fisher folk to take advantage of in a format that is super fast and easy for them to use."


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