Huge Gains from Another Recommendation is a ready-to-use stock trading recommendations source. Buy and sell advices you receive are specially refined for your portfolio only.

The system personalizes all the stock recommendations in accordance with your risk inclination, stock portfolio size and

structure, available investment capital, and other factors, so that you receive particular and focused portfolio management

recommendations right on time. You have the ability to select different strategies that will dictate what recommendations

that you receive. Recommendations are also tailored to your individual account and will instruct to the exact amount of

shares needed to manage the risk optimally.

Denison Mines Corp. (DNN) is up 156.65% since it was recommended to buy through OSMIA strategy. This is a perfect

example of how PortfolioRunner will help manage the risk of your portfolio and also let you know when to buy a particular

stock and how many shares to buy. PortfolioRunner also pulls special news tickers in order to better understand the stocks

that you own. The following was recently pulled as a message from the CEO, "The 2011 plan and budget is focused on the

growth of the Company with the largest exploration program ever undertaken on our Wheeler River project, the

recommencement of drilling on our Zambian project and the development of our second mine on the Arizona Strip" said

Ron Hochstein, President and CEO of Denison.

This is another example of why PortfolioRunner is user friendly and necessary for all people that want to trade on the

market whether you are a novice trader or professional. The program will enable you to have a viable portfolio with your

risk managed well.


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