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HTML5 Ad Development Trends In 2012 And The Opportunity Of SWF Decompiler

In 2012, HTML5 ad will experience a rapid growth both in desktop and mobile platform; this growth will bring opportunity to Sothink SWF Decompiler.

In 2012, HTML5 ad will experience a rapid growth both in desktop and mobile platform; this growth will bring opportunity to Sothink SWF Decompiler .

According to the statistics from Strategy Analytics, in 2011, there are 340 million smart phones support HTML5 globally; it is estimated that the number will reach 1 billion in the next 2 years, and more than 60% web users are ready for HTML5. In 2011, HTML5 websites and apps experienced a burgeoning growth; it is a huge market that cannot be ignored by ad publisher; it is estimated that HTML5 ad will experience a rapid development in 2012. So is that mean HTML5 ad will replace Flash ad immediately? The answer is negative.

Although HTML5 is experiencing a fast development, we cannot ignore the fact that Flash is still the major ad pattern, especially on PC (check for table 1). Because of its advantages, HTML5 animation ad will gradually replace Flash animation ad (check for table 2), but currently, they will coexist together:

According to the statistics, this progress of Flash to HTML5 conversion will take years to complete. In the upcoming years, ad publisher need to take care of both Flash ad and HTML5 ad; so the demands for Flash decompiling and Flash to HTML5 conversion is going to increase.

The demands provide ideal development space to Flash assistant tools like Sothink SWF Decompiler. SWF Decompiler is specialized in Flash to HTML5 conversion and SWF to FLA/FLEX decompile, it converts whole SWF file to HTML5 format and helps you extracts Flash resources from SWF. It is a useful tool for ad developer who needs to advertise through both Flash and HTML5.

While Flash remains strong on PC ad, HTML5 shows strong development trend on mobile ad, either. HTML5 ad is going to change the present ad ecosystem. As HTML5 ad becomes popularize, it provides a wider space for SWF Decompiler; under such environment, SWF Decompiler will play an important role in converting Flash animation ad to HTML5 animation ad.

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