How to Troubleshoot a Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T1C

A number of issues can come up with any technology, including with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T1C notebook.

A number of issues can come up with any technology, including with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T1C notebook. Power, display and audio issues are just a few of the problems you might encounter with your laptop. You can troubleshoot most of these problems at home before contacting Samsung for service.

1. Power Issues

1. Remove the battery from your notebook and disconnect the AC adapter if your laptop doesn't turn on when you hit the power button. Wait 10 seconds and reconnect the AC adapter. Shut the computer down, reconnect the battery and charge it for an hour if the laptop powers on, then disconnect the AC adapter again. If it doesn't power on, you have a battery charging problem. If the computer does not turn on after you wait 10 seconds and reconnect the AC adapter, call Samsung support.

2. Remove the battery pack from your computer and connect the AC adapter to your computer and a wall outlet if your battery is not charging. If the notebook turns on, you may have a battery issue.

3. Remove the battery pack and examine it to make sure no parts are bent if you are having battery issues. Put the battery pack back in the laptop, connect the AC adapter to your notebook and plug it in to a wall outlet to charge the battery. A red LED light should light up on your laptop to indicate the battery is charging. If it isn't lit, call Samsung support.

2. Display Issues

4. Check the LED lights on the computer if the screen is blank when you turn it on. You have a power issues if the power light -- the last one -- is not on. If the first light, the HDD LED, is not on, you have a hardware issue and need to contact Samsung. If the HDD LED is on or flashing, hold the "Fn" key and the up arrow simultaneously to turn the brightness up in case it is turned down.

5. Force the laptop to shut down if it turns on but doesn't move past the Samsung screen. Press and hold the power button until it turns off. Turn the notebook back on and hit "F2." Once the setup utility has opened, press "F9" and then hit "Enter" to select "Yes." Press "F10" then "Enter" to save any changes, let the laptop restart and then restart it again.

6. Hit "Fn" and "F5" at the same time to turn on the backlight in case it was turned off if your screen is dim.

3. Audio Issues

7. Test Windows sounds if your volume is up but the sound is low or you have no sound. Click "Start" in the bottom, left corner of your computer and select "Control Panel." Click "Hardware and Sound," then "Change system sounds." Click one of the sounds in the list that has a speaker next to it, then click "Test." If sound plays, your audio problems are related to the media to which you are listening. If there is no sound, reinstall the audio driver from the Samsung website.

8. Verify that your headphones are inserted into the headphone jack and in all the way if you cannot hear sound. Try a second set of headphones if they still don't work.

9. Uninstall and reinstall the Realtek High Definition Audio Device if you receive a "DMHKcore" error message. Click "Start," type "Device Manager" in the search field and press "Enter." Click "Sound, video and game controller," right-click "Realtek High Definition Audio" and click "Uninstall." Click "Ok" to confirm the uninstall. Click "Action" and select "Scan for hardware changes. The audio device is automatically reinstalled.

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