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How to Set Up A Secure Proxy

The need for setting up a Secure Proxy arises, when a computer cannot connect directly with a desired network.

The need for setting up a Secure Proxy arises, when a computer cannot connect directly with a desired network. This may be because of the fact that security requirements may not be sufficient for direct connections, and therefore you may require a middleman function, to act on our behalf.

Secure Proxies may also be opted, to ensure the administrator firewalls access to undesirable websites. In some cases a Secure Proxy also serves as a speedy connector, to often accessed sites. Thus these serve the purposes of speeding up accessing sites which are constantly visited, and keep out access of unwanted websites. Computers connect to the internet through a single IP address, which is how Local Area Network (LAN) works. Since data does not pass through a number of ports, data will be secure.

Proxy settings basically differ from the firewalls, since they use the application layer, the 7th layer of OSI model, while firewalls use lower layers. Setting up a Secure Proxy requires different protocol platforms than the firewalls, and therefore it is difficult. Proxy servers should be individually configured for its proper functioning on a number of applications like HTTP, SMTP, or SOCKS. Only a well configured proxy server will work securely, and intelligently check the outgoing requests, their URL addresses, and inspect, routinely, HTTP GET and POST messages.

This allows the administrators to either bar or grant access to sites. In contrast, web site domains in the messages cannot be read by the firewalls. Proxy servers filter even the application content inside the incoming information. Among many proxy servers for Windows, setting up a secure Proxy can be assured if you do your due diligence and check out the reviews first.

Proxy Servers like the above use WinProxy, a transparent proxy server providing NAT, and supporting all protocols including HTTP, FTP, NNTP, etc. It eliminates any other software installation on our computers, thus bringing faster setting up of server and efficient functioning thereafter. Moreover the proxy cannot be detected by the client computer. Because of this the client computer is practically unaware of the proxy servers' existence.

Setting up a Secure Proxy like WinProxy server, requires some easy steps for configuration. To begin with, it requires TCP/IP protocol to be installed on the network's computers; and then activate the installation wizard which will guide you through installation. For activating the installation wizard, your product key number will be required. Now select your internet connection and name the selected connection. The later process is simple like accessing any of your internet connections: After selecting the internet connection, you should type out username and password, for the same. Configuration of external and internal IP follows, even as a unique address is automatically given to all the devices in your Local Area Network (LAN). Now, disconnect internet, and proceed to the final step when WinProxy, which is following through the entire setup, will confirm successful execution of all configurations. Now the Secure Proxy is available for use. Though setting up a Secure Proxy is difficult, it protects your data.

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