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How to Organize IOS Apps Better

Google Play tops iOS App Store downloads thanks to the iOS apps growing popularity. The longer users have an iPhone, iPad, the more apps they'll add on the device. So it becomes increasingly important to know how to organize their iOS apps better.

According to Techcrunch report, Google Play tops iOS App Store downloads. As is well-known that apps are the fundamental core of the iPhone experience, and new and amazing ideas keep popping up inside it all the time. The longer they have an iPhone, iPad, the more apps they'll add on the iPhone. In order not to get messed with the miscellaneous apps on the iPhone screens, they should know how to organize their miscellaneous iOS apps better.

As apps on iPhone or iPad grow more and more, finding the one the user wants is becoming more and more of a chore. So to arrange their apps well, keep them organized logically, put them in easy reach of fingers, and thus increase the efficiency by reducing the time to find the apps they use most often becomes extraordinarily important. Being "organized" doesn't mean their apps should be in a certain order from left to right, or top to bottom. Here's a practical walk-through tip for iOS users on how to organize their apps better and easier.

How to Organize iPhone Apps Better with iTunes

1. Open iTunes on computer, and connect the iPhone or iPad to computer via USB cable.

2. Create an apps folder in iTunes - Drag an app on top of another on the Home screen. A new folder is created, containing both apps. If the user wants, he can type a name for the folder. And he can also create different folders featuring different categories. (More useful tips in "How to Create App Folder and Keep It after Restoring an iPhone")

3. Now they can do any of the following:

 Add apps to a folder: Drag them to the folder.
 Open a folder: Double-click it.
 Close a folder: Click outside of the folder.
 Remove an app from a folder: Open the folder, and then drag the app to any Home screen.
 Rearrange the apps in a folder: Drag the apps to where they want the apps to appear.
 Change a folder's name: Open the folder they want to rename, double-click the folder's name, and type in a new name.

However, when it comes to organizing iOS apps better, another thing users extremely concern about is how to transfer apps among their different iOS devices, or back up apps on iPhone to PC/iTunes for more device storage space. iMobie's iOS transfer program named AnyTrans will be their best choice.

Frank Kong, the CEO of iMobie Inc. said that, "Since AnyTrans came out, it has been well-received by millions of iOS users with its incomparable performance. As a practical iOS transfer tool, AnyTrans is a big help for users to organize their apps on iPhone or iPad quite easier and better."

AnyTrans is the first software (for PC & Mac) to offer iPhone, iPad and iPod management all in one program. While transferring app with AnyTrans, users can choose to transfer the app data, saved games and personal setting as well. In this way, their high score and superior status can be perfectly maintained as they wish. In addition to app transfer, AnyTrans also allows users to put music, movies, iBooks and any other type of media file directly among iOS devices.

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