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How to Free Up Space on iPhone by Removing App Caches

Redundant app caches can occupy a lot of storage space on iPhone, iPad which could greatly slow down the device. If users want to speed up their devices, to free up more space on iPhone by removing those useless app caches is an effective solution.

Considering iPhone would be increasingly sluggish over time because of running out of free space, but it's not easy for users to reclaim more available storage space from their iPhone. One of the effective methods is to free up the valuable space on iPhone by removing the space-consuming app caches.

As an iPhone or iPad user, people should be more aware that device storage space can often be at a premium. Apple makes up to $100 per size upgrade on the iOS device range, which means if they want to get more free space on their iPhone, iPad, they may need to pay more money. But actually to clear app caches on iOS device could be a better option to help them enjoy more valuable device space while saving them money. But the problem is how they can free up space on their iPhone, iPad by removing app caches.

A third-party software named PhoneClean could well help users with this problem as a powerful iOS cleaner. To help thousands of iPhone, iPad users to free up more device storage space, PhoneClean was uniquely designed with over 20 analyzing technologies and is capable to eliminate more than 30 types of junk files. Merely by a routine cleanup with PhoneClean including removing those space-consuming app caches, users can free up to 60% extra space on their iPhone, iPad, thus well speed up their devices. That in deed matters a lot to their iOS Device which is short of space.

"Your iOS device has a limited amount of storage. It can store a lot of junk you don't need over time like temp files, scripts, and failed sync files. PhoneClean is an app that deletes all that junk for you," Reviews of Thorin Klosowski, the editor from lifehacker.

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Try out PhoneClean to Free up Space on iPhone by Removing App Caches

First of all, users need to download and install PhoneClean on the computer, then simply follow the steps below to free up space on iPhone by removing app caches with PhoneClean in a few clicks.

Step 1 Start with Quick Clean

Launch PhoneClean and connect the iPhone to computer. PhoneClean will automatically detect the device and display the info about the usage of device storage space. Tap Quick Clean to get the first step started to free up iPhone space by removing app caches.

Step 2 Scan App Caches before Cleaning

After coming into the Quick Clean window, PhonClean will show what types of junk files it can clean up on the device, including App Caches, App Temp Files, App Cookies, App Crash Logs, etc. If the user wants to free up more space on their iPhone, they can choose to delete more junk files other than removing app caches. Simply uncheck those items they don't want PhoneClean to clean. Then click Start Scan.

Step 3 Start Removing App Caches

After checking that, PhoneClean will quickly give a thorough scan of the device. And then tap Clean, PhoneClean will start to free up extra space on iPhone by removing app caches as well as other junk files that have been selected in the previous step. At last, users can tell how many and how much app caches PhoneClean has cleaned up on their device. And try the device again, users would surprisingly find their iPhone run much faster now, just like new.

It's that simple to free up space on the iPhone, iPad by removing junk files. iMobie Team made PhoneClean quite easy to handle, even a kid could use PhoneClean without difficulty.

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Users can directly download PhoneClean on the iMobie website:

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