How to Complete the Credit Card Transaction Smoothly?

The main content is a introduction of the four methods to help people complete the credit card transaction quickly and smoothly.

Appling for issuing card
The populace applies for credit card application. Credit card audited by the issuing bank and become the Cardholder. And the cardholder supply the password of the cash advance, VISA Phone and the Master Phone including the additional service introduction of the credit card of the issuing bank.

Card transaction
The cardholder goes to the appointed store for shopping or to the bank for the ATM Cash Advanced. If you want to shop on net, you should apply for the recognition from the issuing bank.

Excess authority
The appointed stores through the POS net world telephone or the acquirer bank to propose the
Authorized demand from the issuing bank. The appointed stores get the issuing bank recognition the card is valid and then receive the cardholder's consumption, and the cardholder can bring the goods back.

Request payment/Payment
The appointed stores put forward the request payment to the Acquirer Bank. The acquirer bank will charge the transaction fee 1.75%~5% or more from the appointed shops.(in principle, according to the merchant belongs industries may be) to the domestic area , and then through the credit card processing center of the United Clearing Center "status to domestic and foreign issuing bank bills Accounts liquidation.

Merchants, about 2 to 3 business days after applying for billing and payment, meeting to send transaction information funding acquiring banks to send billing information exchange to the issuing bank and request funding. Send the billing cardholder payment card issuing bank prior to the payment of the monthly agreed and requests payment of the bill sent to the cardholder.

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