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How This Grandma Has Over 650,000 Followers On Instagram?

Incredible video on how this dancing Grandma has smiled her way to inspire as she battles cancer


Insta-Grandma Betty (Happiest Person On Earth). IS A SHORT VIRAL VIDEO that focuses on Grandma Betty. Better known on Instagram as GrandmaBetty33, she is an 81 year old woman fighting lung cancer, who has inspired over 650,000 followers through her sheer joy, passion, and happiness. Her story has been featured on ABC news, CBS, CNN, etc... But this video is the first time we are getting an in-depth look at the woman at the woman behind the happiness of over 650,000 people across the world!

This video produced by Ron Parida Visuals captures the essence of Grandma Betty, that happiness isn't something we are subject to in life, but is rather a choice we make.

The video has been receiving incredible feedback, and critical acclaim during it's 2 week pre-release.

"You made me cry watching this. Grandma Betty is such a sweetheart! Great great job, my friend!"

"It's so lovely video. Im so happy that she is happy. Lovely grandma! Kisses for her from Poland and United Kingdom."

"This is an amazing video, and it deserves so many views. Thank you for taking your time and putting this together. It definitely put a smile on my face."


Ron Parida Visuals has no commercial or financial benefit in relation to this project. It is strictly a labor of love designed to spread the incredible joy, positivity, and happiness of Grandma Betty. We look forward to sharing the video with the world, and look forward to what you guys have to say!

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