How Loving Without Limits Is The Key to Limitless Love

Love relationships are the portal to paradise: a taste of heaven in here and now. As we recognize and worship the God that resides within each of us, our relationships blossom.

In this Ask Dr. Love Radio Show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf explores the divine mystery of relationships and reveals their real purpose in our lives: to create the soil for our soul development.

Dr. Turndorf explains that spiritual activities such as meditating are designed to bring the individual into closer communion with God/spirit. Because spiritual practice is solitary, it doesn't foster deeper communion in our intimate relationships. One way to bridge this gap is to recognize that God resides in each of us. As we worship the God in others, our relationships become more loving and whole.

[url:]AskDrLove with Dr. Jamie Turndorf[/url], is a live one hour radio program airing at 1pm (EST) every Tuesday afternoon on You can call-in to the show to talk to Dr. Turndorf about the show topic or for advice on any of your personal issues. Archived shows can be listened to on TalkZone, BlogTalkRadio,, and iTunes.

Dr. Jamie Turndorf is a renowned author, media personality, relationship expert, and creator of [url:] [/url], the Web's premier free relationship advice site since 1996, which now offers thousands of articles on every imaginable relationship, dating, or sex advice topic. You can follow Dr. Turndorf on Facebook and on Twitter @ askdrlove.

Dr.Tundorf's advice and methods will improve your love life whether or not you're experiencing challenges-- but if you are -- be sure to tune in and even call in to the Ask Dr Love radio show and get help from one of today's top relationship experts. As Dr. Turndorf says, "Knowledge Is Your Key To Happy Relationships!"

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