How Newswire Works

Easily share your story across multiple channels for
effective and easy press management.

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Getting started is easy. Register for free then select the type of distribution you need. Our Premium offering gives wide distribution to various new and media outlets. You can see a full listing of our distribution.

Submit your Press Release

We've streamlined the process of submitting your press release. Through a single page submission form you are able to input all of your press release information. Our editorial process is fast and you will receive notification within a few hours. If you are looking for additional distribution, you can try out the media outreach feature.

Track and Analyze Your Campaign

We make it easy to track and view your press release’s exposure. View all your statistics under the Analytics tool. From social media engagement to the location of your viewers, all of your stats are available in the member panel. You can also collect additional data by adding your Google Analytics code for comprehensive data.

Included in Subscription

We make Media Rooms easy for everyone. Leverage Newswire's authority as a News provider to help make your media room a valuable web asset. Each subscription includes a custom media room where you can assign a unique web address for your media room. Your media room can be customized to your brand and look. Get professional results with the simplicity of a point and click interface.

Press Management Made Easy

Press Management made easy. Easily customize your media room for your company’s look and feel. The evolution of the digital press kit is here - where you can manage all of your content in one place. From News, Events, Images and Media assets, your media room houses all of your content for media to view and search.

Web Asset and Analytics

Your Media Room includes performance metrics to help provide a clearer picture of your visitor engagement as well as which of your content is currently trending.

Easy Engagement

All Premium Features press releases include pitch credits that can be used to send pitches to various media contacts. Use the provided template to easily import your email list to update them on the latest happenings at your company. We provide a seamless approach to press release distribution and press management.

Track Open Rates

After submitting your email pitch, track your email open rates through the Analytics screen. You will be able to track who opened your email and your links clicked. Your email analytics can help you identify your successful campaigns.

Upcoming Database

Connect with the hundreds of thousands of journalists that are hungry for the next story. Search our database of journalists and media contacts specific to your industry and location.