Media Room
Empowering the Earned
Media Advantage

Showcase Your PR, News and Social Media

  • Captivate with content
  • Share multimedia assets
  • Engage with industry audiences
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Media Rooms
Earned Media Advantage overview

Distribute The Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Showcase your news, press releases, company information, industry trends and much more on a secure CMS platform.

Newswire is simple, flexible and cost-effective. Learn and experience why customers trust Newswire.

Newswire’s Media Room

Powerful Media Room

  • Secure content management system
  • Showcase your media coverage
  • Empower your brand
Let's Get Started - Media Room
Media Rooms

Showcase your media coverage and empower your brand with all of your company news and curated content.

Publish once and distribute to many. Your Media Room allows you to easily share all of your content in one place.

Captivate Your Audience and Media

  • Share images, video and content
  • Highlight important news
  • Design a stunning page without code
Let's Get Started - Media Room
Media Rooms

Highlight your most important news, and design a visually stunning page without any complicated coding or programming.

Pixel-Perfect Customization

  • Brand your media room
  • Customize design to match perfectly
  • Integrate easily with your company website
Let's Get Started - Media Room

"Customerized" to your liking, the Media Room becomes your company's multimedia hub with seamless integration to your website.

Learn and Experience!

Newswire’s Media Rooms
Empower The Earned Media Advantage!

Media Room collects stores and showcases the content that empowers the Earned Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, increased traffic, greater return on media spend and increased sales!

“Transforming the Value of a Press Release”

Discover how businesses can transform the value of their owned media (press releases) into the Media Advantage Plan

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