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How GRT Products Control Dust and Protect the Environment

Global Road Technologies is here to help your government or company employ proper dust control and soil stabilization to create a better, healthier work environment.

Global Road Technology has been leveraging strategic partnerships with many different companies, and now works with several of the largest liquefied natural gas companies in the world to manage thousands of kilometers of roads across the globe. GRT brings their environmentally friendly soil stabilization and dust control technology to the table in these partnerships, and will likely continue to expand moving forward. Here is a rundown of just a few of their recent major projects:

Making Roads Safe Right at Home in Australia - One of the most important benefits of GRT soil stabilization and dust control technology is that it can create safe, reliable infrastructure that saves lives. In Queensland, the Darling Downs area has experienced a rash of recent traffic fatalities and environmental problems due to the local mining boom and increased traffic congestion. Global Road Technology is working with the local government to create additional roads to lower the congestion and make people safer, and their soil stabilization and dust control tech is much better for the environment as well.

Massive New Deal in India - Global Road Technology has partnered with Pearls to form Pearls GRT, which recently signed a $115 million dollar partnership to develop roads in the second most populous state of India, Maharashtra. They expect to create better roads for rural communities, keep local industry moving and help them expand, and improve the safety of local infrastructure.

Projects in Many Different Countries - As construction companies across the globe come to realize the major benefits that Global Road Technology and their innovation infrastructure creating, soil stabilization, and dust control products bring to the table, watch for their portfolio of managed road projects to continue to increase. Already, GRT manage thousands of kilometers of roads on more than 5 different continents, and that number will only climb moving forward.

GRT soil stabilization and dust control products are revolutionizing the road construction industry. They let companies build cost-effective, safe infrastructure in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take, with significantly less disruption and damage to the environment. Their technology is also better for people; keeping dust out of the air helps keep the air clean, and there will be less noise and disruption associated with Global Road Technology construction projects because of the significantly smaller footprint they have when compared to traditional road building.

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