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How Do You Help the 84% of People Who Fail on Diets, to Do It Better?

Matching a weight problem with the right type of solution for that problem is what is behind the book: From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps! We introduce The Dieters Scale and the 3 Step approach which can help someone achieve Mastery over a weight problem.

Obesity is a growing issue and a problem that is increasing in size. The current range of solutions are failing to have a sufficient impact on this growing problem.

Any serious professional who is involved in this area will tell you that although there is research into quick fixes for this problem; that in reality quick fixes don't tend to work for most people.

The truth is that once someone's weight problem gets beyond a certain point; more than a diet is required. Where is that point and how do you know when you have passed it?

It was questions like these that were behind the development of the new book: From FAT To Slim In 3 Steps! By David John Sheridan.

This book uses a simple story to help dieters understand what level of weight problem they really have and the type of solution that they need to apply in order to be successful with long term weight control.

The book focuses on someone's journey From Fat Land to Slim Land across 3 stepping stones. Once they cross the stepping stones the book helps them to understand what they need to do to continue to live in Slim Land and avoid moving back to Fat Land.

The author is no stranger to working with people with weight problems as he began working with this problem in 1994. Even back then he was looking for better ways of dealing with and managing difficult problems like weight management.

Now instead of working with individuals he is looking to spread that help to a larger audience through his books, workshops and a programme.

One of the things which we have done with this approach is to break weight problems into 3 different types using a simple process that we developed called The Dieters Scale.

The Dieters Scale helps the dieter to see what type of weight problem they really have and to understand the difference between them. We use a simple colour system to do this - Green, Amber and Red Zones.

The Dieters Scale goes further than the diet itself. It also helps the dieter to see where their lifestyle and the different problems, issues and challenges that they face in life are on The Dieters Scale. We then help them to begin to improve and better manage these.

The book then helps the dieter to understand and choose the most appropriate route for their journey from Fat Land to Slim Land. There are 3 routes.

Lots of books will prescribe a diet. In this book we provide people with the information that they need to understand what good dieting practices are and how they can incorporate these into their lives.

This approach has been designed so that it will work with any other dieting programme in the world.

Any diet that is to be sustained long term needs to be able to fit into the person's normal life. You can't adjust your life to the diet and keep it up long term.

This book focuses on real world situations, advice and help.

We are using the PALM Solutions Strategic Lifestyle Management Approach which is focused on the 84% of people who normally fail with diets and weight management. This means that our approach is focused on the people who are in the Amber and Red Zones on The Dieters Scale.

The author has a number of other books focused on helping people understand, improve and better manage different problems like Self-Esteem, Motivation and Inspiration.

He also has another book focused on understanding and improving a weight problem called: The Perfect Life Diet For Imperfect People With Weight Problems.

Unusually for weight management books these books can be read by people who are underweight as well.

David's books are available from Amazon and they can be seen on the following website:

About the Author
Mr David John Sheridan is currently the author of 6 books. He is actively involved in innovating and developing new ways of understanding, improving and better managing different types of problems which involve people.

Mr Sheridan's work crosses a number of different disciplines and areas including personal, professional and business. He has been involved in innovation, design and development of new types of solutions to problems which involve people for over 20-years.

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