Houston Spine Doctor Appears On A Popular TV Show About Medical Professionals In Houston

Dr. Saqib Siddiqui has appeared on Top Docs in Houston - a reality show where he talked about a delicate procedure of minimal invasive spine surgery in Houston.

Dr. Saqib Saddiqui has recently appeared in a popular television show called Top Docs in Houston which is aired on CW39 News Channel. Dr. Siddiqui currently works as an orthopedic surgeon at The Spine Center in Houston. He specializes in helping patients with minimal invasive spine surgery. The Spine Center looks to help patients who are suffering from spinal conditions such as degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis and lumbar decompression. During his career, Dr Siddiqui has worked in New York, United Kingdom and Australia.

Dr. Saqib Saddiqui is a member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons alongside many other orthopedic societies including the North American Spine Society, Harris County Medical Society and Texas Orthopedic Association. He attended medical school at the University of New South Wales and received his degree in Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery. He also completed internships at some well-known hospitals and medical centers in the New York.

According to surveys, eight out of ten people in Houston suffer from back pain in some part of their life. Some experts from the Texas Back Institute believes that regular exercise, weight control and good diet can help people with their back pain and can give some relief. Some experts also believe that around 30% of the population will seek help from doctors for the treatment of pain.

There are many medical centers where Houston residents can find medical treatment for their back pain. Some effective and easy treatments for back pain can include physical therapy which has helped relieve the pain for some patients. However, some patients require medication and even surgery to cure the problem. Most patients are prescribed to take pain killers but it is not a permanent solution.

Companies and businesses are recognizing back pain as one of the most common reasons for disrupting business because employees take months of leave from work and offices become short of staff. On the other hand, some employees avoid surgery because they fear loss of their jobs and long bed rest. To help the patients, Dr. Saqib Saddiqui is offering a new kind of surgery that can eliminate back pain forever. His minimal invasive [url: http://www.surgicalspinesolutions.com/]spine surgery[/url] in Houston is recognized as an effective remedy to back pain.

The Spine Center is a medical facility that specializes in treating and eliminating back pain using both surgical and non-surgical methods. To learn more about minimal invasive spine surgery in Houston, either visit www.SurgicaSpineSolutions.com or phone (866) 697-7463.


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