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Houston Is on the Rise and So Is Local Marketing Company, Jayco Marketing

Local marketing company Jayco Marketing has big plans for the Texas small business market. Helping grow small businesses one at a time. "A small business doesn't mean small business in my book." says Jessica Cohen.

Looks like things are turning around for Houston in a very good way and people worldwide are taking notice. Although typically known for the Oil & Gas industry, NASA and what I guess you could call a beach, it turns out we have much more to offer than just landmark tourist attractions. Houston has a growing economy, booming job market and affordable living. Houston topped the Forbes list of "America's Coolest Cities" in 2012, made CNN Money's "Best Places to Live List" in 2013 and last but least Business Insider's list of Best Cities in America". It's no wonder why young professionals are flocking to Houston by the handfuls and claiming their piece of the pie.

The same can be said about Jessica Cohen and Brandon Cary. Jessica and Brandon opened an internet marketing and consulting firm, Jayco Marketing, at the beginning of 2013 in the heart of cities glitz and glamour district, Montrose. Montrose is the cultural hub of Houston and is home to artists, musicians, second-hand shopping stores, mom-and-pop restaurants and gay bars. Many examples of the historic residential architecture remains from the 1900's and can be seen on the streets of Westheimer and Montrose. Jayco Marketing's office is in a preserved 6,000 sqft residential property turned commercial built in the 1930's.

While Jessica Cohen is a native to Houston she can admit that as a young adult she wanted nothing more than to leave Houston and never come back. Her dream was realized when she was accepted into the University of Chicago after high school and then moved to Israel in 2010 to pursue her interest in foreign affairs and human rights issues. "I made a point to visit my friends and family at least twice a year and I found that each time I came back to visit, my stays would get longer and longer. By the end of 2012, I would visit Houston for a month at a time. It never seemed like enough time! Each time I came home, new restaurants had opened, shopping centers and trendy districts had been developed, Houston was the new hot spot and that's when I realized that maybe Houston was going to be my final destination. " says Jessica Cohen, CEO of Jayco Marketing.

Brandon Cary does not share the same love for the south, mainly the summers, being an upstate New Yorker but he can definitely appreciate its practicality and convenience. We'd like to think it'll grow on him.

While Jayco Marketing continues to grow and serve small and new businesses in the local Houston community with marketing needs, the goal is to open an office in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas in the coming years. "Just like Forbes suggests, new businesses are popping up left and right in Houston and will continue to do so. We just want to be a part of it and help other business grow and succeed as well. There's a pride that comes with being a Texan and we want to be a Texan company helping other Texans." says Jessica Cohen.

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