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House Parti Announce They Still Have Stock Available For Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year is almost here, and many people are still putting the last minute preparations onto their plans for the occasion. House Parti has announced they still have stock ready for the occasion should any retailers find themselves without.

Chinese New Year takes place on the 10th of February this year, and will be celebrated by people around the world. The reason the occasion is after the traditional New Year celebration is that the Chinese calendar doesn't end until the end of the Lunar year, as it tells not only the date but also the phase of the moon. For this reason the Chinese New Year is celebrated widely, as many farmers use it to help them know when to begin sowing crops.

In the UK there will be many celebrations for the occasion, as they've become bigger and bigger every year. These celebrations mostly consist of events in the day, with dragon dances and kung fu demonstrations being two of the most popular activities to watch. In the evenings, people and businesses hold parties, often celebrating the Chinese New Year with huge fireworks displays, as many cities also organise for those interested in seeing them.

House Parti, a party supplies wholesaler, has announced they still have supplies for retailers to provide to last minute customers. A Customer Service Representative for the company commented, "there are always people and businesses planning their celebrations late, but retailers might not have the stock they require to accommodate their needs. By purchasing extra stock from us, retailers can ensure they're able to supply to all of their customers, even those planning their events on the day."

Many parties are a last minute decision, but people will still want decorations for an occasion such as Chinese New Year, one which has gained a large following worldwide, and in every major city in the UK.

House Parti is a party supplies wholesaler based in the UK. They have a wide range of stock available for retailers to purchase from them, offering great delivery rates on all of their goods to help save retailers money.

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