Hotline Delivery Systems Gets Eco-Friendly with EDA Technology

Hotline Delivery Systems, a Dallas-based delivery service, with offices nationwide, has streamlined operations and improved efficiency with "green" technology from Motorola.

Hotline Delivery Systems, a Dallas-based delivery service, with offices nationwide, has streamlined operations and improved efficiency with "green" technology from Motorola that electronically captures signatures and provides a constant connection with delivery trucks.

DALLAS-In an effort to continue providing the most comprehensive delivery services at the best price, Hotline Delivery Systems is proud to announce the addition of Enterprise Digital Assistance (EDA) technology. EDA technology allows delivery drivers to electronically capture delivery signatures, reducing costs and increasing delivery times while providing an earth-friendly alternative for tracking packages.

"EDA allows our drivers and warehouse managers to instantly update inventory levels, report deliveries, and scan signatures. The Motorola MC55 is rugged and durable and has enormous functionality. Hotline Delivery Systems prides itself on continually seeking innovative ways to increase service levels and manage costs to benefit our customers. EDA provides flexibility and a level of functionality to our business that directly benefits our clients with improved customer service and fast, accurate deliveries," explains Hotline Delivery Systems owner Allen Heath.

Founded in 1986, Hotline Delivery Systems has watched the transformation of delivery services evolve over the last few decades. "Technology continues to change the way courier, distribution, warehouse, and delivery companies operate. By reducing paper tracking systems, we not only give the earth a break but can keep costs down for our customers as well," explains Heath. "The EDA allows us to maintain contact with our delivery trucks, provide reminders about pick-ups, and eliminate concern for our customers."

Hotline Delivery Systems provides a variety of services, including on-demand delivery, warehouse/distribution, facilities management, scheduled delivery, and priority overnight delivery services. Hotline utilizes the most comprehensive Delivery Management System (DMS) available to manage all aspects of the expedited delivery business. Hotline's enterprise software solution allows for close management of the entire delivery process and features real-time communication with delivery trucks and a 24/7 client self-service portal that lets clients manage inventory, store delivery addresses, adjust pricing, and access real-time tracking.

Hotline Delivery Systems delivers everything from an envelope to large palletized orders. EDA technology is not the only way the company has become more eco-friendly. Wherever possible, they use bicycles for local deliveries. The company prides itself on providing world-class customer service. Heath explains, "To manage our customers' needs as well as we do, we rely on the most modern technology available in the logistics field, and EDA is a logical step forward for us."

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