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Hop into Spring with Herbie Greenthumb and the Majestic Tree - New Children's Book Release by Max P. Productions

Herbie Greenthumb and the Majestic Tree is a new children's book release by Max P. Productions. It is a heartfelt and empowering story about a young boy named Herbie who enjoys playing in his neighbor's tree until one day he overhears his neighbors t

Nicole Rivera, Founder of Max P. Productions and Author of the children's book Max the Shelter Dog, has published her latest book titled Herbie Greenthumb and the Majestic Tree.

Herbie Greenthumb is an ardent nature lover. In his first book Herbie Greenthumb he finds himself up against a crooked old man named Mr. Crinklepuss, whose sole purpose in life, it seems, is to destroy the dandelion. In this new venture, we discover a heartfelt and empowering relationship between Herbie and his neighbor's tree. The tree is his best friend and he spends hours playing in it and talking to it, but one day he overhears his neighbors talking about chopping it down! What is Herbie to do? As with Mr. Crinklepuss, he must find a solution before it's too late.

Herbie Greenthumb and the Majestic Tree is a delightful yet powerful story that empowers both children and adults to take action on any subject they feel strongly about. With its subtle message of the conservation and preservation of our majestic trees, Herbie is perfect in a classroom setting, as a teaching tool, and as a topic that can be discussed one-on-one between parent and child.

Max P. Productions was founded by Nicole Rivera in 2011. The company is dedicated to empowering children through story. "At Max P. Productions we are passionate about our animals, our environment and the success of our children. Through our stories, it is our intention to inspire everyone to respect our 'neighbors' and to speak up for them by taking action, not in an aggressive way, but in a peaceful way, as Herbie teaches us."

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