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Home Angels By Neoform Informs Snowbirds How To Protect Florida Homes Before Returning North

Nicholas Partington's damage restoration company offers snowbirds five tips to consider when closing up area homes for summer months

As warm weather approaches, snowbirds flock back north for the summer, often leaving their Florida homes vacant and vulnerable. Home Angels by NeoForm, your home emergency Wingmen, wants area residents to know how to protect their homes from damage before they leave. The company, founded by Nick Partington, is a one-stop provider of damage mitigation and restoration management for South Florida homeowners. Partington and his team of Home Angels have put together five important tips that Florida's 1.2 million temporary residents (according to a University of Florida survey) can implement before leaving their homes for the summer.

1. Shut Off Main Water Supply: Plumbing supply lines work off pressure. By cutting the main supply line, homeowners are eliminating these lines from being pressurized and subsequently breaking. Owners should also turn off water heaters, as it's not beneficial to have the water heater's tank empty and running while away.

2. Put Cellophane Wrap Over Toilets: By placing cellophane wrap over the toilets, homeowners can prevent the water from evaporating. Toilets have what's called a p-trap underneath the toilet, which prevents methane sewer gas from rising into the home. Cellophane prevents the gasses from rising by holding the pressure of the water in the toilet; if this water is evaporated, the home will become infiltrated with pungent sewer gas.

3. Home Inspections: Homeowners should arrange for a friend, family member or hired inspector to check on the home at a minimum of twice a month. If a problem arises while the homeowner is away, this preventative measure will ensure that the source is eliminated quickly and will undoubtedly lessen the burden of damage that could have been caused.

4. Back Up Computers: It's very important to back up any valuable information and pictures stored on a desktop computer or laptop before heading up north, as information can be lost due to power outages.

5. Do Not Turn Off AC: Turning off the air conditioning can provide immediate savings but can cost homeowners thousands more in damages. The air conditioner prevents surface mold from forming on walls and does not allow for a musty odor to build up in the home. Home Angels by NeoForm suggests keeping the thermostat on 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and if homeowners have an older-style thermostat, they should make sure the Relative Humidity (RH) control is turned no higher than 60% RH.

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