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Holland and Holland is a company that excels in making sports guns, basically shotguns and rifles. The company expanded its event only to diverge into clothes and accessories.

Holland And Holland is a company that excels in making sports guns, basically shotguns and rifles. The company expanded its event only to diverge into clothes and accessories. The company is known for frequent events like exhibitions, competitions and displays all around the world but mostly in gun rooms and estates held by them.

Dating back to the 1830s, Holland and Holland is a company that has made a mark for itself and kept it up all these years. The company traces back its origins in 1835 from when it began producing guns with the mark of H. Holland on them as a mark of tribute to the founder Harris Holland. Even today, if the monopoly of the company has to be traced, it would definitely take us back to the making of sporting guns and rifles even though the company has diversified into the Clothing and accessories line as well.

A company based in London, Holland & Holland makes it to the news quite often, because of frequent additions to its clothing line in the form of launch of special collections or for the shooting events that it organizes. The company has some shooting estates to its credit meaning that hosting events is quite easy for this gun making company. The company though had begun with really humble origins, has come a long way into being a world renowned and acclaimed for their work. They are holders of the Royal Warrant from Britain; no doubt they serve a rich consumer base, most of who come from the upper and luxurious classes.

None of the releases of Clothing and accessories from this world renowned brand goes unnoticed. The recent event better known as the Clay's Challenge, which was held at the Houston Gun Club, is to be sponsored by Holland and Holland as they stand gun partners to this event. A lot of new as well as second hand and old guns from this yet older brand would be on display. The audience will get a chance to admire to the exquisiteness and the timelessness of some of the masterpieces made by this brand. A similar shooting event is to come up somewhere around in the three days from the 19th to the 21st of April. The venue would be Sheldon and once again original as well as second hand stuff from the manufacturers would be on display. Post this, there would be two more grand events one each of the traditional and contemporary products from the company. The first event is an Exhibition cum Championship to be held from the 26th to the 28th of April will involve the display of the unrivaled production of sporting shotguns and rifles by the company accompanied by a little show of the accessories too. The second event however, scheduled for the 23rd of May at the deBoulle Gun Room would be a complete show of the more contemporary jewelry manufacture by Holland and Holland.

It is a spectacle as to how the company has started from humble beginnings only to make it to the top. From just manufacturing guns to owning a fully fledged clothes and accessories line and having Gun rooms at some of the most strategic locations around the world, there is a lot to be told about Holland and Holland. Further more Information : http://deboulle.com/holland-holland/


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