Highly-Rated DenadaDenada Ice Ball Molds Going on Sale for Father's Day

DenadaDenada ice ball molds (, which are exlusively available through, are going on sale in time for Father's Day. The 2.5" silicone ice ball molds come in sets of two and would make a perfect Father's Day gift.

DenadaDenada ice ball molds are an excellent choice for whiskey lovers, but the ice ball molds can be used to create ice balls for soda, tea, coffee, or milk. DenadaDenada ice ball molds are manufactured with high-quality, FDA-approved silicone, and they do not contain BPA. A safe, fun way to create a unique alternative to the ice cube, DenadaDenada ice ball molds are also easy to clean. The long-lasting ice ball molds are dishwasher safe, and they are made for repeated use. A lifetime guarantee is offered by DenadaDenada.

Customers are enjoying their DenadaDenada ice ball molds and showing their support with amazing reviews. A recent customer said, "These molds are wonderful! We have saved a fortune already in not having to buy "gourmet ice" from the local store. Keeps drinks "ice" cold! Thanks for a great product."

DenadaDenada ice ball molds, which retail at $29.99 on, will be going on sale June 1, 2014. Customers purchasing DenadaDenada ice ball molds will receive a 70% discount.

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DenadaDenada offers an alternative to ice cubes and whiskey stones with their ice ball molds. Easy and fun to use, the ice ball molds are an eye-catching and efficient way to keep cool beverages cold. is dedicated to provide top quality kitchen utensils to ensure the best customer experience.

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