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Help Provided By Toronto Immigration Law Firm Niren and Associates For Those Denied Entry to Canada

People immigrating to Canada often do not realize that they can be denied entry to Canada, even if they have already been approved for the appropriate visa or they are entering from the United States. Niren & Associates can help with denied entry.

According to information released by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre, Canada is experiencing labour shortages due to the aging of its baby boomer population. Because of this, Canada is intent on making the immigration process easier, says the Immigration Handbook recently released.

Niren and Associates, an immigration law firm, reports an increase in the number of applications from other countries for entry into Canada. However, Michael Niren, a US immigration lawyer in Toronto warns. "A large number of people applying for entry do not realize that they can be denied entry to Canada, even if they have already been approved for the appropriate visa or they are entering from a country like the United States, citizens of which do always not require a visa. It can be very inconvenient and expensive, not to mention frustrating, to have problems entering Canada, as many people do not know they are ineligible to enter Canada until they actually try. In other words, they have already spent the time and money traveling to Canada, and may have a pressing reason to enter the country such as a family emergency or a business interview."

The Canadian Labour and Business Centre explains that immigration is a very important component of the population growth in Canada, making up 70% of the population's growth, but to make sure it's done correctly, Niren explains, most should hire an immigration lawyer to help with the process. "Before making a decision to immigrate, you should have your case professionally assessed to determine whether you are eligible to immigrate. A Toronto immigration lawyer should be able to assist you in completing your application forms. Most lawyers have software whereby application forms can be completed on the computer. After gathering the documents and completing the forms, the lawyer will prepare the documents in an organized, presentable fashion and then will also prepare legal submissions to the visa officer on behalf of their client."

Niren says his firm is also seeing a great number of Canadians immigrating to the US, and warns the same problems can arise for those who are denied entry to the US. "It just makes sense to have an immigration attorney who knows the ins and outs of the immigration system on both sides of the border helping you out," says Niren.

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