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Help End Childhood Hunger with Taste of the Nation Hartford

The Taste of the Nation event is being held with the goal to end childhood hunger in Hartford and across the nation.

On April 11th, many of the top chefs and mixologists from around the region will convene for an event that showcases their talents in a night of food, fun, and festivities. While your drink glasses are constantly refilled with exceptional libations, and your stomach may swell to the point of waving a white flag, not all in our area are fortunate enough to enjoy events like this. That is why this event takes place however - to help end childhood hunger in the Hartford area. The Taste of the Nation event brings many great minds and creators together for a night of celebration, but with a greater goal in mind - to make sure that no child grows up hungry in Hartford.

The Taste of the Nation event is run by Share Our Strength - a national nonprofit organization that is aiming to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. The event taking place in Hartford aims to raise $100,000 to ensure that no child in Hartford ever suffers with an empty stomach. 100% of the ticket sales go to support Share Our Strength's efforts to end childhood hunger, and the entire event is underwritten by sponsors and charity minded individuals. In Hartford, where 32.1% of the population lived below the poverty line in 2011, providing a stable amount of nutritious food has never been more important.

Share Our Strength has not just a goal and a dollar amount in mind, but a well thought out plan in place to end childhood hunger. They strengthen the community resources, and make it easier for children to access healthy food. They educate families on how to gain the most from limited resources, and they support nutrition education for low-income families. Through all of these actions, the Share Our Strength program has increased access to public and private programs, which provide food for hungry children and families. The event spans cities across the country and can always use more support from surrounding businesses and restaurants.

While the event itself is for a great cause, it will also benefit those bars and restaurants that participate in the event as well. The Taste of the Nation reaches some of the most coveted demographics. 80% of attendees are college graduates, and 40% are post-grads. Those who attend are frequent diners, with over a quarter eating out ten or more times per month. 36% of those who attend have an annual household income greater than $125,000. Having your name attached to an event like this will make for excellent publicity for your business, and all of the resources applied will be put toward an excellent cause.

We at Classic Restaurant Supply are proud and excited to be part of Hartford's Taste of the Nation and we encourage others to consider donating or participating in the event if at all possible. General tickets cost $75 and VIP tickets are going for $125. Find out how you can be a part of the event by visiting the Taste of the Nation Hartford page and don't forget to visit Classic Restaurant Supply for all of your foodservice requirements. Together, we can all help end hunger in Hartford.

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